Chad has been a follower of the pro wrestling business for nearly 30 years. His Uncle fostered his introduction to wrestling by recording and then showing him the 3/14/87 Saturday Night's Main Event featuring Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant's first in ring interaction after THE epic Andre turn in a 20 man Battle Royal. It was after that event that he fell in love with the business and spent a majority of his youth collecting anything and everything wrestling. His greatest wrestling memories include scouring the earth for LJN action figures, Coliseum Videos and studying "The Big Book of Pro Wrestling".

Although he has a very diverse television and radio background, Chad has cut his teeth in different facets of the wrestling business. That also includes time working in the International Production department for World Wrestling Entertainment.

You can follow Chad on Twitter @rasslinpal

"Primetime" John Poz

John has been a fan of the wrestling business for so long he can't even pinpoint a date. But he is sure that he is a tried and true lifelong Hulkamaniac.

Equipped with a kean eye and a very cerebral approach to watching wrestling, John is well versed in the hard working style of each performer as well as being a dedicated follower of promotions like NJPW, Ring of Honor in addition to the classic league's of Jim Crocket Promotions and the NWA. John has also financially backed several wrestling documentary projects including Ivan Koloff: The Russian Bear, Rock n Roll Never Dies: The Story of the Rock n Roll Express, and The Price of Fame: The Ted Dibiase Story.

In pro wrestling John worked with an Independent Promotion out of New Jersey and has participated in contributing to the creative process of putting together a show.

You can visit John's other site: Broiled Sports or follow him on Twitter @TwoManPowerTrip

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